How to customise your bedroom wardrobe sliding doors

Using our online wardrobe configurator couldn’t be simpler. You can customise every part of your bedroom wardrobe sliding doors, from the frame to its interior, to get your perfect style and fit.

Just in case you weren’t sure, here we’ll answer some common questions about using our configurator tool, to help you get started.

How do I find the right size sliding doors?

Our handy preparing and measuring guide gives step-by-step instructions to help make sure you get the perfect fit for your new wardrobes. You’ll need to get accurate measurements of the space before you can begin customising your bedroom wardrobe sliding doors with our configurator, so follow the instructions in the above guide to get started.

What style of sliding doors will suit my bedroom?

Our sliding wardrobe doors come in a range of styles, including Classic Silver, Classic Wood, Linear, Ellipse and Loft sliding doors. Each style has a different number of panels, frame sizes and complementary finishes, but they can also be completely customised to suit your personal style.

Generally, a metal frame will suit more contemporary décor, while wooden frames offer a classic aesthetic. Panels can be customised to match your sliding door frames or contrast and add a pop of colour. You can also opt for split panels to mix style with practical features, such as mirrors.

Browse our full range of sliding wardrobe doors to find the style that’s right for you.

Do I have to choose door liners for my wardrobe?

You don’t have to have liners for your sliding wardrobe doors, but they can help give you a perfect straight finish – especially if you have uneven ceilings or walls. You can either choose your door liners yourself, or let us choose for you. Our expert designers will match your wardrobe design to the door liners which will best complement it.

Do I need end panels for my wardrobe?

End panels are required if you don’t have a wall either side of your wardrobe. The end panel forms a side for your wardrobe where a wall can’t be used. They're 620mm deep and colour-matched to your door frame finish.

So how many end panels do I need? You may only need a left or right end panel, depending on the placement of your wardrobe. For more information on end panels, see our preparing and measuring guide.

Which interiors are best for bedroom wardrobe sliding doors?

We have a number of wardrobe interior kits, including Relax and Aura. Each is available in various styles and finishes to complement the exterior of your wardrobe. The type you choose mainly depends on what you’re storing. Some kits offer more space for hanging clothes, while others provide a place for shoes, as well as drawers for accessories. See the full range of wardrobe interior fittings to find your perfect match today.