How to choose the right fitted wardrobe shelves for your wardrobe

Whilst the design, look and feel of your fitted wardrobes is an important aspect of your bedroom furniture, it’s the interiors that are often overlooked in the buying journey.

However, what’s inside counts, and sliding wardrobes are no exception to this rule. At the end of the day, as much as fitted wardrobes can be beautifully-crafted, statement centrepieces for your bedroom, they are also very much functional pieces of furniture. Hiding your cluttered clothing, organising your belongings and neatly stashing away shoes, fitted wardrobe interiors are a crucial part of what makes your wardrobe a wardrobe.

At Homebase Sliding Doors, we offer a range of fitted wardrobe interiors, with each variation suiting different needs. Read on to find out more about each type.

Why choose a hanger-style fitted wardrobe organiser?

One popular style of wardrobe storage system, is a hangar-centric style. Hangars are the most common way of storing clothes, and provide an easily accessible and visually-ordered way of displaying your favourite outfits (great for walk-in wardrobes!).

If seeing all of your clothes laid out neatly each morning is important to you, and you have a large collection of clothing for different occasions, then a hangar-focused interior system will work best for you. Here at Homebase Sliding Doors, we offer a wide selection of hanger wardrobe interiors, ranging from compact, simple units, such as the Relax Kit 1, through to the Aura Storage Kit 8, which is a multi-functional unit, featuring five stanchions, extendable hanger bars, shelves and drawer boxes.

Reasons to choose fitted wardrobe shelves

On the other hand, fitted wardrobe shelving systems are great for separating and compartmentalising different types of clothing and belongings. You can display shoes on one shelf, fold clothes on another and store any leftover accessories on the next. Again, as with our hanger units, we stock a wide range of shelving systems, such as the Relax Kit 3 and the Relax Kit 9.

Interior drawers for wardrobes

Also, a draw system is a useful addition to your fitted wardrobe interior ‘arsenal’. Take the Aura Kit 2 for example, with two discreetly designed, stylish drawers at the bottom of its multi-faceted layout, it’s an efficient unit which neatly hides away your stuff, and creates more space in your bedroom.

Speak to our experts about the right fitted wardrobe interiors for you

If in doubt, our team of wardrobe experts are always available and on-hand to offer advice on not just our interiors, but also on our sliding wardrobe doors, room dividers and professional installation service.  

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