Fitted wardrobe prices: how much do they cost?

Fitted wardrobe prices can vary greatly depending on the style, finish and colour you choose. Plus, you’ll need to consider the cost of extras, such as internal storage fixtures and whether you’ll need installation services. So, if you’ve been thinking of buying a fitted wardrobe for your home, but you’re unsure just how much it’ll cost, we can help.

Read on for more information about our fitted wardrobe prices.

Making sure you only pay for what you need

Some companies offer a fixed price based on a few factors, leaving you stuck with a one-size-fits-all approach, which can be frustrating if you’re keeping an eye on the purse strings. It can also mean that you end up with internal fittings that don’t suit your storage needs. At Homebase Sliding Doors, our fitted wardrobe prices are based on a completely bespoke design service. With this in mind, you’ll only pay for the styles you want and the space you need.

The best way to figure out how much your fitted wardrobe will cost is to use our custom wardrobe configurator. This online tool will help you create your perfect wardrobe, with a clear running cost. This means you have the ability to choose a cheaper alternative or a more premium range, as well as the freedom to pick tower units or storage liners that suit your exact needs.

What factors affect fitted wardrobe prices?

The first consideration for fitted wardrobe prices should be the dimensions and number of doors you require. This will determine the base price you can expect. Flexible around your requirements, our wardrobes can be between 1100mm-5000mm in width and 1100mm-2490mm in height. You can choose upwards of two sliding doors and prices start from just £378.

The next thing you’ll need to consider is the style of wardrobe doors and finishes you like. Browse our range here for more information.

Installation and other forgotten costs

It can be quite daunting to receive your sliding doors and realise that you have to fit them yourself. Many brands won’t tell you that installation costs are extra, ranging from £100 to £150 per sq. ft. depending on width, length and style. Plus, many brands do not offer any help to install their wardrobes, meaning you have to pay extra to have the doors professionally fitted and these costs can often be hidden.

At Homebase Sliding Doors, we do things differently. Our professional wardrobe installation service is competitively priced and is backed by a two-year guarantee.

You also have the option of installing your sliding doors yourself, which we make extremely easy. If you decide to DIY, we have a range of useful, easy-to-understand guides such as our preparing and measuring guide to help you get started. Plus, our frequently asked questions section will help you answer any queries you may have around fitting sliding wardrobe doors.

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