All you need to know about panelled wardrobe doors

Are you looking to buy a sliding fitted wardrobe? Perhaps you’ve been browsing the different customised fittings, mirrors and panels. To help you on your buying journey, here’s all you need to know about panelled wardrobe doors.

How many panels should I choose?

At Homebase Sliding Doors, we offer many different types of panelled wardrobe doors. In fact, our wardrobe customisation tool allows you to choose whether you’d like a two or three door wardrobe, and this can alter the look and feel of the finished product completely. Especially as far as panels are concerned.

For example, if you would like to add mirrors, or choose the colour or style of the wardrobe (which is all possible in our custom wardrobe designer tool), then the number of doors change the way this looks. As doors are directly linked to the panels, think about your ideal door number when looking at the overall finish. Two doors can give a simple, timeless look, whilst three doors can send a statement whilst still retaining that classic look.

Can I choose the material of my panels?

Absolutely, when creating your own wardrobe, simply navigate to the ‘Door Panels’ tab, where you’ll be able to choose from Mirror, Pure White, Grey Mirror or Arctic White wardrobe panels. Alternatively, our wardrobe panels are also available in a wide range of other colour options, to suit whichever style best reflects your bedroom interior; our classic silver range, for example, is a popular choice due to its versatility.

Pure White and Arctic White add a neutral, modern yet timeless feel to any bedroom, whilst the Grey Mirror and Mirror material colours create a space-giving visual effect which adds an air of openness to your home.

Create your own wardrobe here.

Do all panel material types fit with all wardrobe interiors?

Yes, they do. At Homebase Sliding Doors, our broad range of custom wardrobe interiors and fittings are made to be completely customisable and compatible with each and every aspect of our product selection. This way, you can create a unique set of sliding doors that fits perfectly with your ideal, dream décor without limitation.

Speak to our experts about panelled wardrobe doors

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