How to choose the perfect bedroom sliding wardrobe

Choosing your bedroom sliding wardrobe can be a really simple process, if you know what to look out for and how.

From the quality of the materials used in the construction and manufacture of your wardrobe, through to the different levels of customisation and any visual aesthetic elements you may want to consider, there’s certainly a lot to be aware of when looking for the right bedroom wardrobe.

Luckily, we’ve put together this quick guide to help you take away some tips for choosing your bedroom furniture. Read on for our full breakdown and guidance.

Look for quality in your bedroom sliding wardrobe  

A common consequence of modern manufacturing is taking shortcuts. More often than they should, many businesses will take a shortcut if they can see extra profit and only a little sacrifice in overall quality. At Homebase Sliding Doors, we develop and manufacture all of our materials here at our UK factory and take great care to produce a high-quality end product. Offering a 10-year guarantee we are sure never to compromise quality and care over anything else. 

When starting your journey for the perfect set of sliding doors, be sure to check that quality is at the forefront of your purchase, as you’re likely investing in a fitted wardrobe for the long term.

Choose a fully-bespoke wardrobe service

The words ‘bespoke’ and ‘custom’, get thrown around very easily these days, and it’s not always explained what exactly you’re going to get as a service or product. We openly let our customers design their own wardrobes piece by piece, and using our specifically-created wardrobe designer tool, the process is very easy and accessible. 

So just what do we offer as part of our bespoke wardrobe service? And what can our customers create with the wardrobe designer tool? It covers everything from initial dimensions and choice of range (from Classic to Linear and Loft to Ellipse), all the way through to the number of frames, doors and whether or not you’ll need to add end panels and liners for your installation.

Going beyond the external structure and look of your wardrobe, our wardrobe configurator also allows you to select the interior wardrobe fittings of your choice. From hanger kits, to those containing drawers, shelves and different compartments, the choice to customise is left completely up to you.

Make sure your chosen style is timeless and classic

It’s easy find a great looking wardrobe, but can you find one that fits into your bedroom décor perfectly? That’s not so easy, and it goes back to the above point of being truly bespoke.

At Homebase Sliding Doors, we offer a range of different styles of fitted wardrobe sliding doors, all of which can then be further customised in the wardrobe configurator to reach a style and size that fits right where you need it to. From Classic styles that keep it simple and subtly stylish, through to our minimal wood-finish Linear range and the bold, elegant Ellipse collection, there really is a style for every type of bedroom.

Speak to an expert for the best information

Our advice? It’s always a good approach to make sure you buy your wardrobe from somewhere that has an available team of expert staff. With experts on hand, you’ll be able to discuss your requirements in detail, as well as ask any questions and raise any concerns you may have.

This is something at Homebase Sliding Doors that we place at the forefront of our service, and our team are always available to help you. If you’re still looking for that perfect wardrobe, get in touch with us today and we can point you in the right direction.