Should I choose a double sliding wardrobe or a triple sliding door wardrobe?

When starting out on your sliding wardrobe buying journey, especially if you’re coming from a standalone wardrobe, it can seem as though there are many different factors to consider. From what colour you’re going to choose, to where you’re going to place the fitted wardrobe and whether or not you’ll have a mirrored front, it’s not a quick and simple decision.

One of the key things to decide on, is whether you’ll choose to purchase a sliding wardrobe with two doors or three. While it might sound trivial, the number of doors you choose can change the way a wardrobe looks, how you store items inside and access it. There are plus points for both, and it’s all down to personal taste.


Double sliding wardrobes

A double sliding wardrobe can add a simple yet bold look to your bedroom. With two large doors, a modern, simple and symmetrical look can be achieved. It’s a look that is flexible and classic, matching almost any décor and style.

Double sliding wardrobe doors also work well for those looking to split their internal wardrobe storage exactly in half. Maybe you have formal clothes on one side, informal on the other. Even though the number of doors doesn’t physically affect the interior storage, it can still help to determine how you access it on a daily basis. Perhaps you’d like your hangers on the left and your drawers and shelving on the right. Whichever way you choose to style your double door fitted wardrobe, it’s a timeless look that declutters your room at the same time.

Triple sliding door wardrobe

Triple sliding door wardrobes on the other hand, are an equally versatile configuration. The three-door system is great for a stand-out aesthetic design, yet it still retains that classic, timeless look that all of our fitted wardrobes have at Homebase Sliding Doors.

Again, although the internal storage is completely customisable to your tastes and needs, a triple sliding door wardrobe makes it visually easy to have three separate storage areas, leaving you with an access door for each.  So whether you’re considering a three door setup for its striking yet subtle look, or to keep on top of your storage organisation, you can see why it’s a great choice for either.

Design your own custom wardrobe

At the end of the day, your wardrobe is your choice, no one else’s. It’s for this reason that at Homebase Sliding Doors we offer you our wardrobe configurator tool. With the wardrobe configurator tool, the customisation of your chosen fitted wardrobe is one hundred percent down to you. From the product range, through to number of doors, door panels, liners and interior – it can be designed to be completely unique.

With this level of customisation available, whether you choose two doors or three doesn’t really matter, because you can individually modify each element to make the perfect wardrobe for your tastes.

Want more information on our fitted wardrobes? Get in touch with one of our experts and we’ll offer the help and advice you need to get started designing your dream wardrobe.