Timeless, contemporary and stylish – our white sliding wardrobe doors

Here’s where you’ll find all the information about our contemporary white sliding wardrobe doors. Our range of bespoke sliding wardrobe doors offer a fantastic way to save space, as well as allowing you to stay on-trend with our range of timeless, stylish colour choices.

Although we always aim to introduce colours that give a breath of fresh air to your bedroom, we also take great care to identify styles that create a long-lasting aesthetic. This means picking wardrobe colour options that will look good each time you redecorate your bedroom.

A set of white sliding wardrobe doors is the perfect way to stay stylish when other trends come and go.

Design your own white sliding wardrobe doors

Using our wardrobe designer tool, you can pick and choose the different elements that make up your bespoke white fitted wardrobe.

Choose from white metal frames and white glass panels, to white wood finish door panels with contrasting colour accents.

We can help you choose your perfect wardrobe

Whether you find yourself browsing our Linear sliding doors range or our Ellipse sliding doors range, we can advise you on the different styles, fittings and any queries you might have about our products. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll help you choose the perfect wardrobe for you.