DIY fitted wardrobes & furniture installation guides

One of the many benefits of our products is that they are easy and straightforward for a keen DIYer to assemble and install. Although we offer a fixed price installation service, our DIY fitted wardrobes installation guides are available to download below. If you have any queries, or require any advice on the installation of your DIY fitted wardrobe, simply call our sales team on 0800 015 7252.

Download any of our helpful instructions below:

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Custom sized Double sided door

Custom sized Single sided door


Aura storage system 

Drawer unit 550-900mm

Floor to ceiling stanchion

Hanger bars

Shelf brackets

Shoe rack

Trouser rack


Relax storage system 

How To Fit Relax Kits



How To Fit Liners

How to videos